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Thompson & Hoffman Audiology Inc.

Audiologists: Kara Hoffman, Caitlin Denton, Minette Lister

Thompson & Hoffman Audiology Inc.

We are a private hearing healthcare practice in Durban and Ballito offering services in assessment, diagnosis and management of hearing loss and balance disorders in adults and children.

Thompson & Hoffman Audiology Inc. is managed by 3 experienced audiologists, using state-of-the-art equipment to provide comprehensive audiological services to the vast majority of the public.

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Kara Hoffman

Watch an interview with Kara below

Dr. Kara Hoffman graduated from the University of Cape Town with her BSc. (Audiology) with Honours, in 2003.  Following this, she completed her compulsory year of community service at Prince Mshiyeni Memorial hospital in Umlazi, KwaZulu Natal.  In 2005 she began working as an educational audiologist at Fulton School for the Deaf, where she learned to use South African Sign Language fluently.  She embarked on her career in private practice in 2006, and began her masters research in paediatric audiology in 2008. She completed her masters in 2010, just before she opened up her own private practice in Durban with her business partner, Audiologist Lauren Thompson.  Together they have been owners of two practices (Ballito & Durban) since 2011.  Dr Hoffman was awarded her clinical doctorate of Audiology in 2016.  Kara is a passionate independent private practice audiologist, whose life mission is to help hearing- and balance-impaired patients live their best lives through optimal and accurate diagnostic evaluations and rehabilitation.  She has extensive training and experience in diagnosis and management of hearing loss in all sectors of the population – from infant to geriatric.  She has 15+ years’ experience in cochlear implantation, and other implantable hearing devices.  She is a passionate diagnostician, who takes her professional life extremely seriously, and who will treat each and every patient with the respect and dignity they deserve. Through continued education, she has kept abreast of all the latest technologies in hearing healthcare, and does not limit herself or her patients to any specific device, but is able to comfortably offer all her patients a full array of technologies to match their lifestyle.  


345 Stephen Dlamini (Essenwood Road), Berea

Suite 5 Sanhall Office Park, Kirsty Close, Ballito

Phone Number

031 208 1014 

032 5861179

An interview with Dr. Kara Hoffman – Independent Audiologist