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Don’t take chances with your hearing or related issues. Get ethical, patient-centered care from our verified, independent audiologists.
What is IAM?
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      You can choose from a variety of screening options on this site regarding your hearing and/or balance needs OR you can simply select an audiologist in your area without doing a screening test;
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      If you complete a screener, a hearing healthcare professional from your area will contact you to discuss your results further;
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      Or search our pre-vetted nationwide matrix of audiologists and contact the hearing healthcare professional of your choice via the “make an appointment” link. The practice you choose will contact you directly to discuss your needs; you could receive a comprehensive evaluation and clear explanation of your current challenges and what recommendations are available to guide you along the pathway to improved hearing and/or balance related issues;
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      Get the most suitable hearing aid devices for you, if recommended. Your audiologist will help you choose the most appropriate hearing aids (or assistive devices) for your unique hearing loss. Your devices will be programmed following the industry's Best Practice guidelines;
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      Receive ongoing care for better hearing. Better Hearing is a process that requires guidance from a qualified Audiologist. Our matrix of audiologists will guide you every step of the way.

    Screening Tests

    We offer a variety of questionnaires / screeners to identify possible impairment: Hearing Loss, Balance, Auditory Processing and Tinnitus/Sound Sensitivity. The results of the screener test will be sent to you as well as your nearest Independent Audiologist for you to obtain optimal care.

    Hearing Difficulty

    The hearing handicap inventory was developed in 1982, by Ventry and Weinstein. This is a self-assessment tool containing 25 questions aimed to assess the impact of hearing loss in the emotional and social-situational adjustments of hearing impaired adults. You may take the quiz below in order to gain better understanding of how your hearing may be impacting your life.

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    The 25-item Dizziness Handicap Inventory (DHI) was developed to evaluate the self-perceived handicapping effects imposed by vestibular system disease. This may also further assist your independent audiologist in better understanding of your symptoms, and will assist in helping us guide you along your pathway of rehabilitation and care.

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    Auditory Processing

    This helps to identify symptoms of auditory processing deficits based on one's daily life experiences. Your responses will be reviewed by an independent audiologist with a special interest in auditory processing. They will contact you with an evaluation of your responses. If further APD testing is recommended, we will discuss this with you and if required, set up an appointment for a comprehensive assessment.

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    Tinnitus/Sound Sensitivity

    This questionnaire is designed to find out what sorts of effects tinnitus (and/or sound sensitivity) has had on your lifestyle, general well-being, etc. Some of the effects below may apply to you and some may not. Please answer all questions by selecting the answer that best reflects how your tinnitus has affected you over the past week

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    Watch patients of our independent audiologists giving feedback on their experience of the service they received

    Find an Audiologist

    Find a local hearing healthcare provider that has committed to using Best Practices in Audiology. When searching for a local hearing care professional, make sure to look for an IAM provider!  Our audiologists listed in the matrix have completed a course on patient-centered care, through the Ida Institute.  They are also unbiased when offering you choice on various products, and have no affiliation or financial kickback for offering any product to their patient – as long as the needs of the patient are kept at top priority.  The audiologists in IAM confirm they do not belong to 3rd party administrators, have no financial incentive for any product or brand, undertake to have their equipment annually calibrated, and have committed to offering best practices as set out by international best practice standards.