Receive ethical, patient-centred audiology care


Our mission is to provide a professional and unbiased approach to your hearing care

Independent Audiologists are not bound by any specific brand of hearing aid.  You will receive advice and recommendations that are best suited to you for your hearing healthcare.

Services Available

Our network of Audiologists and Acousticians across the country provide affordable individualised, patient-centred hearing care

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      Screening Tests

      We offer a variety of questionnaires / screeners to identify possible hearing loss-related impairment.  The results of the screener test will be sent to you and you will be offered an appointment with a member Audiologist for further, optimal care

      Hearing Screener

      Gain a better understanding
      of how your hearing
      may be impacting your life.


      Tinnitus Screener

      Find out the types of effects tinnitus (and/or sound sensitivity) may have on your lifestyle and general well-being


      Cognitive Decline Screener

      Check if your untreated hearing loss may increase your risk of cognitive decline and dementia


      Vestibular Screener

      Evaluate your balance
      experience governed by
      the vestibular system


      Auditory Processing Screener

      Identify symptoms of
      auditory processing deficits
      in your daily life.


      Don't want to do a screener?

      Find your closest independent audiologist or acoustician to assist you with your hearing healthcare





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      Are you an independent audiologist or acoustician?  Join our network to share knowledge and skills with each other and advocate for affordable, high quality services for every patient.

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