Independent Audiologist Matrix (IAM) Code of Conduct

All IAM audiologists subscribe to the conduct code below to provide independent, ethical, patient-centred care
IAM members should at all times act in the best interests of their patients and maintain the highest standards of personal conduct and integrity. The Code of Conduct of The Independent Audiologists Matrix specifies professional standards that allow for the proper discharge of audiologists’ responsibilities to those served, and that protect the integrity of the profession.

IAM members commit to:

  • Provide hearing services in a safe and ethical manner
  • Provide hearing services in a respectful manner and not discriminate against anyone they interact with in a professional capacity
  • Obtain consent prior to delivering a hearing service
  • Promote the client’s right to participate in decisions that affect their hearing health
  • Ensure they are familiar with and follow best practice guidelines as outlined by the best practice documents provided to all members
  • Providing patients with a minimum of two brand product options in their clinic
  • Ensure that they are familiar with, and adhere to, the latest requirements set in terms of ethical behaviour by relevant professional bodies. Behave professionally and ethically when interacting in a professional capacity
  • Ensure that they maintain their professional independence and integrity when entering into any contract regarding professional services
  • Recognise that they remain personally responsible to their patients for health care
  • Follow guidelines set out from the HPCSA in terms of marketing & scope of practice. Not misinform clients as to our scope of practice, qualifications and competencies. Only make claims in advertising about their hearing services that are supported by acceptable evidence
  • Commit to ensuring that their equipment is annually calibrated
  • Confirm completion of “Inspired by Ida” course focusing on patient-centered care principles
  • Not financially exploit clients
  • Take appropriate action in response to adverse events
  • Adopt standard precautions for infection control. Take appropriate measures to avoid placing clients at risk if diagnosed with an infectious medical condition
  • Not provide hearing services under the influence of alcohol or unlawful substances
  • Not provide hearing services if they suffer from a physical or mental impairment that is likely to place clients at risk of harm
  • Not engage in sexual misconduct or other inappropriate intimate behaviour
  • Adhere to appropriate documentation standards
  • Be covered by appropriate indemnity insurance
  • Take full responsibility for people under their supervision
  • Display this summary of the Code of Conduct and inform clients of how they can make a complaint

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