Support and Advice for Hearing Aid Users

Each Ear LLC is a company that works towards providing support and advice for hearing aid users. They have a number of tools and resources to assist people in their hearing journey

People using receiver-in-canal style hearing aids handle the receiver with their fingertips to insert the receiver into their ear canal. With the size of the receiver and the ear canal, it can be quite difficult.

The solution is Gruv Button Technology™

Real access to the receiver
Real control over the receiver
Real ability to manipulate the receiver
each ear

Patients can now use their fingertips to maneuver the receiver past any obstructing cartilage and down the angled canal so that the receiver is positioned sufficiently deep in the canal.

Notice how the fingertip and fingernail fit into the Gruv Button™ making it so much easier to control and manipulate the receivers.

Hearing Test Prep™

Each Ear LLC can help you prepare for your hearing test with appropriate, well-presented, easy-to-understand, and unbiased information.

Training for Caregivers

Each Ear LLC offers a free online course to educate and assist caregivers when handling and inserting their patients' hearing aids.